Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior's Survival Guide

Marcey Rader, Productivity and Health Coach, speaker and bestselling author makes the most out of air, hotel and auto travel. Business travel isn't part of your job. It's a lifestyle.®

This comprehensive book for business travelers, road warriors, and mobile professionals gives you the tools you need to help you reclaim your life and health.

You can be a traveler, climb the ladder and build your business, without sacrificing your health and productivity.

  • How to eat for energy, sleep in a hotel and stay healthy during air travel.
  • How reframing exercise as movement opportunities increases your productivity and prevents butt amnesia.
  • How to process your email to stop living off of other people’s agendas.
  • Apps, programs and processes to stop wasting time, moving tasks to the next day and losing your receipts.
  • Get loads of bonus material, all links, and references in the book and discounts via online hidden chapters.
Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior's Survival Guide
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  • This is the most comprehensive, yet practical book I have ever read on staying healthy, vital and primed for success while on the road. Marcey has just the right touch of theory to application. If any traveler uses her straight forward tools they will find travel profoundly more manageable. From the occasional traveler to the road hardened executive this book is a must read. I will recommend Marcey Rader’s book to all of our clients around the world.

    Gregory Florez

    Author and CEO
  • Want to survive and thrive as a Road Warrior? Then Marcey Rader is your guide. Whether its nutrition, exercise or productivity, Marcey shows how business travel isn’t just part of your job, it’s a lifestyle that can be mastered. She shares the tips, tools and tricks to hack business travel. Buy this book now and get on the road to success.

    Stan Phelps

    Author of Purple Goldfish, Green Goldfish and Golden Goldfish, Founder, 9 INCH Marketing
  • Marcey Rader has written the most comprehensive and practical book on productivity that I have seen in the 37 years I have been in the productivity and organizing industry. Not only is this information valuable for “road warriors,” but for all professionals who want to improve their profit, productivity, and peace of mind. This is not a “read once and forget it” book. You will want to refer to it whenever you are in need of new ideas and great resources to help you accomplish your work and enjoy your life!

    Barbara Hemphill

    Founder, Productive Environment Institute Author, Less Clutter More Life
  • Marcey’s insight into the productivity, health, and lifestyle challenges of a road warrior coupled with her real-world experience in hurdling those obstacles make Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide a must-read for any road warrior. After having finished the book several days ago, I got the best night’s sleep I have had in ages. I wish I had read Marcey’s words 300,000 air miles ago!

    Brad D. Messner

    Eternal Road Warrior, Founder, Travel Development Group
  • In true, "GO, Marcey, GO!" style, Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior's Survival Guide, pulled me in. I got excited about getting organized, healthy and productive in my work and life overall. Marcey's writing is so real and sincere that it feels like she's talking only to you. Plus, this lady has major "walking the talk" cred! Whether it's beating stress, accomplishing goals, feeling better or playing more, Marcey asks key questions and presents kick-ass reframes that will have you looking at things in an entirely new (and totally doable!) way. This book is fun, dynamic, high-octane goodness that no on-the-go badass can do without!

    Eyenie Schultz

    The Technicolor Priestess
Marcey Rader, health and productivity coach

Marcey Rader -
Road Warrior

Marcey Rader, health coach

Marcey Rader -

About the Author

Marcey Rader is a Productivity and Health Coach and founder of the Work Well. Play More!® Institute. They specialize in helping high achievers and business travelers climb the ladder and travel without sacrificing their health. She coaches individuals and business teams how to eat for energy, find movement opportunities during hectic days, efficiently control their inbox and manage their calendars to Work Well and Play More!®

Marcey partners with Extended Stay America Hotels® as the Savve Traveler. She’s the creator of the Jetsetter Gym Kit™, the 25 in 25® and 10 by 10® Exercise Challenges on Coach.Me and is the author of Hack the Mobile Lifestyle: 6 Steps to Work Well and Play More! She’s been featured in online and print media including American Fitness®, Living Healthy®, Shape®, Eating Well® and Training Edge® magazines.

Marcey combines her degrees and multiple certifications in exercise, nutrition and behavior modification with 13 years of business travel as a global operations manager, corporate trainer, and former Productive Environment Specialist to provide solutions ranging from nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management, to email, calendar, task and receipt management. Marcey believes that health and productivity go together. You can’t have one without the other.

While traveling for a decade, Marcey competed in over 100 endurance and ultra-endurance races and for the last five years has shut down at night with zero emails and her daily tasks completed.

Marcey offers coaching and consulting services to high-achieving travelers and their teams and is available for corporate workshops and private client packages.